herb gardens

herbs…easy to grow

BASIL is the symbol of love and devotion; annual plant that grows best in full sun…pinch flowers off as soon as you see them…makes scrumptious pesto

ROSEMARY for remembrance. Rosemary likes the sun…a tender perennial so needs to be taken inside in winter.

CHIVES…a perennial…requires full sun or part shade…pull the flowers out by bottom of touch stem before they go to seed…delicious in salads, on sandwiches, in cream cheese

THYME…the herb of courage…a hardy perennial that loves full sun and fairly dry soil…a little goes a long way in a variety of dishes…make a beautiful wreath for hanging on a hook, door, fence gate

CILANTRO…an annual…the fresh leaves are called cilantro but the seeds are called coriander…great in salsa and salads

MINT for virtue…likes partial shade…a hardy perennial that can take over a garden so best kept in a pot…mint adds a cool, refreshing flavor to many foods and iced drinks

something sweet for a Spring garden table…a vintage white ironstone pitcher with a bouquet of mint and peonies

I’m so excited it’s SPRING…


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