Autumn is coming…

hello september

There’s a lot happening at the Farmhouse getting ready for our Autumn open house at the new location September 10-12.

New and vintage merchandise being delivered…so excited to share with all of you.

In the meantime thought I would share a fun project you can do to welcome the Fall season…

When the Autumn temps turn cool and crisp it’s a lovely time to take a walk or outing to gather pine cones, have hot chocolate or cider and…create.

Cinnamon scented pine cones…

  • Put them in a bowl and place on a stack of books
  • String a few together and hang on a door knob, in a closet
  • Lay pine cones around a votive candle on a plate/platter/tray…the warmth of the candle will enhance the scent of the pine cones

Here’s how:

Step 1:

Use an old cookie sheet or place aluminum foil on a cookie sheet that you use often. Place as many pine cones on the cookie sheet that will fit in a single layer. Put the cookie sheet on the middle rack in a preheated 200 degree oven for about an hour. The pine cones should open up during this time, if they are still tightly closed. This cooking process also kills any bugs and other bacteria that may be living in the pine cones. Let them completely cool.

Step 2:

Place the cooled pine cones in a large resealable plastic bag. Make sure there is enough room to securely close the bag.

Step 3:

Put a few drops of the essential oil and just a bit of water in the spray bottle, shake and then generously spray the pine cones. Close the bag and shake it to mix the oil with the pine cones. Open the bag and spray again, once more closing and shaking the bag.

Step 4:

Leave the bag tightly closed for four to six weeks to infuse the pine cones with the scent. Shake the bag every week or so to distribute the oil scent.

keep inspired

The Art of Decorating a front entrance…

autumn door

The front entrance is the first area of the home your guests see when they come to visit, and it’s also a welcoming breath of fresh air each time you walk through that front door. Not to mention, the entrance provides an amazing opportunity to make a fabulous first impression and to reflect your own personal style.

The Farmhouse is offering the first class of the season…

easy-to-make wreath that will welcome Autumn and friends to your front door!

$55.00, Sept. 28, 6:30-8:30pm (sign-up in store deadline Sept. 19)

Farmhouse is moving to a new location.


Exciting news to share…

The Farmhouse will be moving to a new downtown location – 111 N. State St.

re-opening September 10-12

Busy creating new spaces for shopping and classes to celebrate the AUTUMN season…

Lots of exciting new merchandise being delivered with new vintage goods I’ve found.

Can’t wait to share with all of you!

Class schedule will be posted at the end of the week so please check back for information.

Enjoy your week!

Farmhouse is open August 14-15 – 10am to 5pm

aug shop pics 006aug shop pics 017aug shop pics 046

Summer yellow with a little hint of Autumn…

Lots of goodies not shown…

old bread board just unearthed

Autumn pears

plump pumpkins

new crop of topiaries

weathered wood trays newly arrived

just in…weathered wire baskets filled with lemons

Wishing everyone a wonderful week…hope to see you this weekend.

yellow sign

· the lighter end of the yellow color spectrum tends to be for anyone looking for a color that won’t overpower

· the richer side of yellow with maple gold hues – golden yellows are classic, fresh, and cozy

Which yellow palette do you love?

Shop photos will be posted Sunday…

Have a Beautiful day!