it’s a blustery day outside … so … I decided to work on garden plans

last season I started creating a backyard “sanctuary” … it was turning out nicely but … wasn’t really the direction I wanted to go … then decided to take things apart and start over … so far, I’ve graphed out a new design that will do the trick … now … just have to wait until Spring

anxious for the loveliness of the fresh new season too? Here’s a fun project to keep you inspired until then …


easy to find (local grocer, nursery, flower market) … easy to grow

grow them in mason jars, tin cans, clear drinking glasses, tin cups, vintage containers, and of course, clay pots

use them as decoration … have a long wood or metal tray? Place a row of all rosemary or thyme down the middle of the tray as a display on the dining room table, desk, cupboard. Instead of flowers, have a bouquet of rosemary or flat leaf parsley on a desk, accent table, a sweet little cubby. Hang rosemary by the shower, the hot water will infuse the area with the plant oils … lovely aroma.

but for everyday use, keep herbs on a tray, on a ledge or windowsill, hang on hooks in your kitchen … beautiful to look at … delicious in cooking

have fun and a beautiful day sweet friends