Can you believe it’s September 1? We leave the busy Summer behind us now for a more quiet, relaxed Season … Autumn.

There’s something soothing as the temps get cooler, crisper to be indoors baking, candles burning with scents of the Season, making homemade caramel corn (a personal favorite of our granddaughters) … even adding the snuggly comforter to the bed welcomes this wonderful change.

I’ve put away the Summer clothes and brought out my favorites for Fall. Do have to show a little patience but can’t wait to wear my wooly sweaters again. And yes … I still buy a pack of pencils every Fall … my own sweet little tradition since childhood. Useful and bring back so many lovely memories.

Of course there’s the dreadful leaves to rake right? Welllll, not if you look at this task as fun and inspiring. What you say?                                                                                                     While you’re raking play music, if you have a fire pit light a fire, keep a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate handy for a quick break … you will see how much easier it is to get the job done … and … it may even entice a helper or two.

Now, what to do with all those leaves? Make a wreath for your front door … hang individual leaves with string or fish line in your windows, they’ll look like they’re gently falling … find a fallen branch with leaves still attached and make a huge bouquet for decorating in your home. All free courtesy of nature.

Whatever you do to welcome Autumn … enjoy!

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