Can you believe it’s September 1? We leave the busy Summer behind us now for a more quiet, relaxed Season … Autumn.

There’s something soothing as the temps get cooler, crisper to be indoors baking, candles burning with scents of the Season, making homemade caramel corn (a personal favorite of our granddaughters) … even adding the snuggly comforter to the bed welcomes this wonderful change.

I’ve put away the Summer clothes and brought out my favorites for Fall. Do have to show a little patience but can’t wait to wear my wooly sweaters again. And yes … I still buy a pack of pencils every Fall … my own sweet little tradition since childhood. Useful and bring back so many lovely memories.

Of course there’s the dreadful leaves to rake right? Welllll, not if you look at this task as fun and inspiring. What you say?                                                                                                     While you’re raking play music, if you have a fire pit light a fire, keep a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate handy for a quick break … you will see how much easier it is to get the job done … and … it may even entice a helper or two.

Now, what to do with all those leaves? Make a wreath for your front door … hang individual leaves with string or fish line in your windows, they’ll look like they’re gently falling … find a fallen branch with leaves still attached and make a huge bouquet for decorating in your home. All free courtesy of nature.

Whatever you do to welcome Autumn … enjoy!

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Spring A


Welcome March … and it’s snowing here again.

This is a month that no matter what the weather is I get so excited thinking that April is just around the corner.  Garden planning, flea markets, opening windows even if only a little to let in the new fresh air.

How about you? What do you do in March when the weather is so fickle?

Recently I found a lovely writing notebook and am already filling it with ideas in preparation for Spring. April is a busy month here. Lots of birthdays, a few vintage shows, Easter. We’re hosting Easter and hopefully it’s a pleasant temperature as I’m planning an Easter egg hunt for the little ones visiting. With such a large backyard it’s such fun to do. Sweet baskets with satin ribbons to hold yummy treats and other fun surprises. And, where to hide these? My granddaughters now that they’re older have taken on this task. It’s nice for the next generations to be involved with planning family get-togethers and they love it.

Then there’s the gardens to plan. So I’ve filled quite a few pages in the notebook already just on this subject. Saying I’m excited to get in the yard, well this is an absolute understatement. I’m growing herbs this year that I can do other things with. Oils, butters, natural repellents. My current favorite herb … thyme. Love, love, love it. In future posts I’ll share ideas on herbs … they’re fascinating.

Keeping a notebook gives thought to what you’re planning, dreaming and suddenly the month has quickly passed by … warmer weather is upon us.

Whatever inspires you to get you through the month of March … have fun!

Wishing you a beautiful day my friends!




Happy October!

It’s a chilly, misty morning perfect set up for a lovely day.  As I write this morning, the house is filled with delightful scents of the season, ginger, cloves, cinnamon … a pumpkin dessert is baking in the oven, soft music is playing, Autumn candles have been lit …

I’m thinking a lot of you, if you’re like me, have already searched out for the perfect pumpkins to decorate outside. Pretty white mums in old pails have been hung on a white picket fence … now a huge bouquet of branches with leaves needs to be placed in the front garden and I’m ready for Autumn.

It’s such a delight when out walking through the neighborhoods to see pumpkins, cornstalks, leaves already being raked and piled in the yards, the scent of fireplace smoke … deliciously wonderful!

It’s also a time when I gather supplies for some creative projects. Tags and papers to wrap pumpkin breads to give my friends to start with. Adding seasonal touches to the entry. A fun felt ball garland was just added to our kitchen window. Small touches are sometimes all that is needed.

Whatever is on your Autumn agenda … have fun and embrace this wonderful time of year.

Wishing each of you a happy week!







tour cancelled


Just a follow up letting you know the Home & Garden tour Sept. 8 has been cancelled … gardens are still a work in progress. Hauled in more rock just this morning so not ready to share with everyone yet … disappointing for you and me.

The plan … a tour and farmhouse yard sale Fall 2019. Gardens will be ready!

Enjoy the lovely Fall weather this weekend!!!



apples and pumpkin

another Season is upon us … and … I’m ready to embrace all the beauty it brings

like an artist’s canvas nature always amazes me with all the many colors Autumn shares with us … ochre, mustard, browns, shades of green

a time to decorate inside and out to welcome family and friends … pumpkins, branches, leaves, gourds, acorns, walnuts, oh my, there are so many options and I get so excited thinking about all the possibilities to use what we can find in our own backyard

Farmers markets and flea markets are standard go to places this time of the year. Love getting up early Saturday mornings and walking to our local farmers market, my French market basket on my shoulder ready to find area produce, flowers, honey and other goodies as well as chatting with the vendors … such a lovely experience. And, flea markets … LOVE to hunt for new treasures … as with every market, I’m on the trail for ironstone to add to my collection … always at the top of  the “search list”. How about you? Do you go to flea markets with an agenda or just for the fun of it all?

Now, let’s get serious … baking. It’s time to stock up on all the spices needed for making scrumptious pumpkin bars and cakes, molasses crinkles, gingerbread … the aromas that permeate the home … cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, create such an inviting atmosphere for those that visit. If you don’t have time to bake, the stores now have such a wonderful variety of treats to bring home … just place them on a sweet little dish, in a bowl or on a cake stand, place a pumpkin, a leaf or two and a candle by the dish and you’ll have a lovely setting perfect for your guests.

Happy September to each of you …





hard to believe but August has arrived …

Time for gathering garden goodies whether it’s flowers for your dining table or tomatoes, herbs and other treats to create a lovely summer salad, maybe taking a short trip to the countryside to see the last of the summer’s scenery . As our granddaughters mentioned last week, their favorite time of August is going school supply shopping … fresh pencils, notebooks, new backpacks … love their idea of simple pleasures.

Whatever you love about this month … enjoy the beauty of it.

Wishing each of you a beautiful week!!!

Autumn tour CANCELLED

fall leaves

Hope all of you are enjoying the beautiful weather we’re having this week … what a treat from the heat wave.

I’ve been busy working on my garden project but unfortunately, the project won’t be completed this year. Due to the late start of Spring, too many hot and humid days and family needs the project is taking much longer than anticipated. I’m still working on the bones of the garden plans so the details are not even on the radar at this time.

So … disappointing as it is, the house and gardens will not be open for the Autumn tour as I had hoped to on September 8.

It’s still such a lovely time of the year so make a trip to Waseca and visit all the shops that I’m sure will be stocked with wonderful goodies of the Season.

Wishing all of you who follow me a beautiful rest of your summer!