It’s official … Spring has arrived … at least on the calendar. As I write this, I’m seeing snow showers out my window … hmmm

Soon we’ll be gathering pussy willows to create wonderful seasonal displays or simply filling a tall basket with these lovely branches and placing outside our front door. Maybe a new wreath is in order for your front door. Whatever you choose, your guests will feel welcomed.

The garden centers will be busy attending all of us who are more than anxious to bring our lists of must-haves to create lovely outdoor havens. Even if it’s a 4 x 4 space, a lovely little garden chair or two, a plant of petunias in a sweet little container placed on top of an old wood crate, perfect to sit back with a good book and breathe in the delicious Spring air … simple pleasures that bring an abundant amount of pleasure.

All winter I have been planning and plotting the garden spaces and am armed with my clipboard and plans, string, tape measure, tools, shovels, garden boots, radio (yes, that’s right, an old fashioned radio a sweet friend gave me) … bring on the warm weather!!!

You’ll notice there has been no mention of Spring cleaning. I’ll get to that in another blog post. That’s too much excitement in one post (wink, wink). Seriously though, it feels grand to freshen everything inside this time of year and will share inspiring ideas to lessen the idea that this is work. You may even think it’s fun!!!

Whatever your plans for the new Season … have fun!

Wishing each of you a beautiful week!!!