Spring A


Welcome March … and it’s snowing here again.

This is a month that no matter what the weather is I get so excited thinking that April is just around the corner.  Garden planning, flea markets, opening windows even if only a little to let in the new fresh air.

How about you? What do you do in March when the weather is so fickle?

Recently I found a lovely writing notebook and am already filling it with ideas in preparation for Spring. April is a busy month here. Lots of birthdays, a few vintage shows, Easter. We’re hosting Easter and hopefully it’s a pleasant temperature as I’m planning an Easter egg hunt for the little ones visiting. With such a large backyard it’s such fun to do. Sweet baskets with satin ribbons to hold yummy treats and other fun surprises. And, where to hide these? My granddaughters now that they’re older have taken on this task. It’s nice for the next generations to be involved with planning family get-togethers and they love it.

Then there’s the gardens to plan. So I’ve filled quite a few pages in the notebook already just on this subject. Saying I’m excited to get in the yard, well this is an absolute understatement. I’m growing herbs this year that I can do other things with. Oils, butters, natural repellents. My current favorite herb … thyme. Love, love, love it. In future posts I’ll share ideas on herbs … they’re fascinating.

Keeping a notebook gives thought to what you’re planning, dreaming and suddenly the month has quickly passed by … warmer weather is upon us.

Whatever inspires you to get you through the month of March … have fun!

Wishing you a beautiful day my friends!