nature’s scenery is beginning to exhibit changes … leaves turning color … walnuts are dropping from trees … apples are almost ready for picking … the air this past week has been crisp making it noticeable summer is winding down …

this week I’ve been busy creating garlands to hang in the windows … working on a new door decoration … going through my recipes for pumpkin muffins, molasses cookies, gingerbread … loving this time of year prepping for this next season … Autumn

hard to believe, but a week from today … it’s September … isn’t it exciting?

wishing each of you a beautiful weekend …




Happy Friday to all of you…

loving the cooler temps this week … it sure makes me really excited for Autumn

but … we know there’s plenty of summer left to enjoy … I was cleaning strawberries from the store and thought … for those of you who were fortunate to pick fresh raspberries or strawberries to make preserves … what a wonderful treat to have with homemade bread or popovers … oh YUM! (I just purchased another popover pan so homemade soup and popovers will be on the table next week) … the vegetable gardens this time of year will soon be a bounty of scrumptious goodies … how can we not want to eek out a little more of the season

many of you know that I love to bake so an apple crumble will be on my menu … the best thing about this recipe is you can use whatever fruit you like … blueberries and peaches work well also … delicious. Do you have a favorite dessert you make this time of the year?

whatever is on your weekend agenda, hope it’s beautiful

Happy Monday everyone…hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!

it’s going to be sunny in our area today and it made me think of yellow…it’s such a perky color…brightens everything around you…add a touch of yellow to your home by filling a bowl with lemons, put it on a tray with a pitcher of lemonade, homemade sugar cookies and you’re ready to have a friend or two over for an afternoon of conversation…visually pleasing and delicious…simple fun

to each of you … have a beautiful week

temps in the 90s here today so what was I thinking of???


yep … already planning fun Fall garlands to create with … plan a day for trapesing through the woods for fallen branches with leaves still attached to create beautiful, full arrangements for the entry area … thinking of going to the pumpkin patch with the family … yummy pumpkin doughnuts … oh soooooo many lovely ideas are spinning in my thoughts to welcome the new Season

I guess for now though, I must focus on the Summer that’s hurrying by … I must be patient

wishing all of you a beautiful weekend …




it’s been awhile since my last post but I’ve been busy, busy working on the backyard sanctuary … I start my days early creating little vignettes to all those who visit to enjoy … what a treat to work in the quiet morning hours … birds chirping … leaves making the lovely rustling sounds … nature has such a calming effect doesn’t it?

the above photo is my blank canvas I started with … the photos below are some of the changes … will post peeks into where I now enjoy coffee, read, or … just sit and daydream of what creative project awaits me when this one is done …

everyone should have a sweet little spot in their yard, porch, or as simple as a little spot for a chair and a pail of daisies next to it … a time to take in the beauty of the outdoor elements … it’s such a lovely thing to do …

to each of you … have a beautiful week

happy Wednesday…

I want to say thank you to all of you who sent me messages, emails, called, dropped off sweet little packages after I closed the Farmhouse…your kindness was overwhelming

since closing I realize how much of each day I missed running the shop…now, I spend quality time with my dear sweet husband, family…have time to have friends over…go on a photography outing with our granddaughters…bake (another passion of mine)…read…go for morning walks…create for my home…and garden

starting next week I will be posting weekly…fun creative ideas…recipes…and…I’m beginning with a blank canvas but you can follow the journey as I start creating a garden sanctuary in our backyard (will post before photos…I’m sooooo excited to share)

to each of you…have a BEAUTIFUL day