it’s been awhile since my last post but I’ve been busy, busy working on the backyard sanctuary … I start my days early creating little vignettes to all those who visit to enjoy … what a treat to work in the quiet morning hours … birds chirping … leaves making the lovely rustling sounds … nature has such a calming effect doesn’t it?

the above photo is my blank canvas I started with … the photos below are some of the changes … will post peeks into where I now enjoy coffee, read, or … just sit and daydream of what creative project awaits me when this one is done …

everyone should have a sweet little spot in their yard, porch, or as simple as a little spot for a chair and a pail of daisies next to it … a time to take in the beauty of the outdoor elements … it’s such a lovely thing to do …

to each of you … have a beautiful week

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