new shop hours

vintage map

to better serve all of you wonderful customers that visit the Farmhouse I’ve made the decision to go back being open once a month.

More time is needed to hit the in search of scrumptious vintage goods.

you will benefit from this change…

always something fresh and inspiring to see…

Classes will still be held the last Monday of each month 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

I’m excited as always…to offer fun, interesting and creative products.

the farmhouse will be open as follows:

Sat., Nov. 28, 10-4

then the 2nd Fri. and Sat. of each month 10-4 starting Dec. 11-12

I will genuinely miss seeing all of you on a weekly rendezvous.

Please feel free to email/text me if you have specific items you’re looking for or ideas you want to kick around…I embrace this connection with all of you that do.

The happiest Thanksgiving to all you and your families.


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