Pink is blossoming at the Farmhouse.

Great finds for…
Mother’s Day
…or a gift to yourself.

Roses that will last forever.
Pair them with a tuberose candle…lovely.

Check out the dining table and setting.
…all it needs are the guests.

Don’t forget…
we’ll offer breads and pastries
from Rustica…YUM!!!

Happy, Happy May to all!

11203243_1629063657314095_797608548417996716_n 11205636_1629063667314094_6161570964786467227_n 11181764_1629063677314093_7644802189550174438_n 11210476_1629063710647423_8884842369979389759_n 10410246_1629063740647420_5182202077405430864_n 11053663_1629063760647418_9049347384654669941_n

11193221_1629063793980748_1033677139645700789_n  11102604_1629063820647412_8900523540906695298_n 11060933_1629063840647410_6223958899858953256_n


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