Spring…the music of open windows

midwest 2014 046

blooming flowers, budding trees

white curtains blowing in the breeze

crisp mornings

Lily of the Valley

Spring awakens with exuberant beauty. The perfect time to start my blog.

New beginnings…to share my thoughts, creative ideas…meet new friends who enjoy the same things.

This blog will be about what inspires me…decorating and design with simplicity, cooking, gardening.

Hmmm, creative ways to welcome Spring…

Collect ideas on an “inspiration board” that reflect your style, colors you love.

Gather paint swatches, fabric, vintage photos and postcards, pretty papers, ribbons, misc. embellishments.

Turn on your favorite music, light a lovely scented candle, open a window to let in fresh breezes and before you know it…

you’ve compiled enough ideas to fill multiple boards.

What inspires you to welcome Spring?

2 thoughts on “Spring…the music of open windows

  1. Rita says:

    What a lovely post! I am in the mood for all of the above…the calender says so too! We know the meaning of the word anticipation in Minnesota!


  2. staceyweichert says:

    You did it Jackie!
    Beautiful image and inspiring words.

    Yes, windows opened and the front door propped open–that’s spring!
    Muck boots, garden gloves, a greenhouse full of spring plants, baskets of garden tools and piles of pots. Spring, I’m ready for you.

    Can’t wait to follow along on your new blog.


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